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Crossfit and Nutrition Progress: 5 months

This past Friday (June 6, 2014) marked 5 months of eating clean and working out. I’ve posted a couple of quick pictures of my progress on Instagram, but this is the first set posted anywhere else. For those that didn’t know me before, this is a look at where I was and where I am now. For those that see me regularly, this will let you see the change all at once instead of the small weekly increments.

Fall 2013. This was NOT my heaviest before my Jan 2014 start.

Fall 2013. This was NOT my heaviest before my Jan 2014 start.

I generally avoid being in pictures, so it wasn’t easy finding before shots. Here are two from last fall, taken a few weeks apart. The left is from October (couldn’t pass up a selfie with the Palace Guard in London), and the right was in September during a charity fundraiser. Believe it or not I gained a few MORE pounds between when these were taken and when I started working out.

And below are pictures taken this weekend. The first is my old jeans. These were the only pair that fit without being too tight to tuck in a shirt. The pic doesn’t show just how big they are. Maybe in the future I’ll take one from overhead so you can really see the space. The one on the right was taken in the new jeans I bought last weekend.

Net loss of 45 lbs since Jan 6, 2014

Net loss of 45 lbs since Jan 6, 2014

This is a 45lb change. I’m not sure what the end goal should be, but I am guessing this is about halfway to what I need to lose before I start focusing on building muscle. I’m adding strength and muscle now, but not as much as I could because I’m keeping my calories and carbs low to drop the pounds, rather than add muscle.

If things keep progressing, I might be able to start that phase soon after the new year starts. A lot of that will depend on if I can keep the weight loss up at the same pace. I’m sure it will slow as I get closer to my goal.

I can’t even begin to say thank you enough to my wife. She started this before I did and keeps us on track by doing almost all of the meal prep. It was her success (which is even better than mine) that convinced me to get in the game. She has been getting up 3 days a week and working out with the 5am class! I’m only following her lead (but not at 5am!). She is my greatest cheerleader and supporter and I wouldn’t have made it this far without her.

The last week has seen a number of new email subscribers as well as Facebook and Twitter shares. Thank you for following along. I appreciate the support!

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